Fjällhus Residence / PS Arkitektur

Architects: PS Arkitektur
Location: Härjedalen,
Principal: Peter Sahlin
Constructed Area: 85 sqm
Design Year: 2005
Photographs: Patric Johansson

The Mountain Lodge is a modern take of a traditional barn of the region in Härjedalen, Sweden. The Lodge comes as prefabricated wooden units. It was originally designed in 2005 by architect Peter Sahlin for his own family, as a vacation retreat in the fells of Härjedalen. Five houses have since then been produced in the region. The typical clients are urban professionals who desire a simple, compact, yet comfortable and modern vacation retreat.

The exterior’s reduced and stern architecture lends it´s appearance from the simple barn-like architecture traditional in the fells of Härjedalen. The interior is modern and white. Warmth is added with wooden plywood walls and ceilings. One side of the lodge consists of large panoramic windows towards the winter mountain landscape or the greens of the summer. The lodge has full amenities including kitchen, bathroom, a sauna, two bedrooms and a loft with a third bedroom. Ecological and rational concerns have been important when choosing materials and construction methods – the lodge is very energy efficient and is built with sustainable and natural materials. The construction consists of a wooden framework and prefabricated wall- and roof elements. The Lodge is designed in two different sizes (85sqm and 100sqm) the smaller sized cottage (85sqm), costs about 200.000 Euros in Sweden, complete with all interior fittings.

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    ….the snow, the trees and the landscape makes you feel calm and clean !! can anybody sleep in that bedroom ? modern furniture does not make the house modern!!

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    On the contrary. The interior is what makes me feel calm and clean, the combination of the plywood and white walls, the unstained floors, the soft light. I could easily sleep in the kids bedroom. What’s the problem, the slanted roof? I think the house is modern because of it’s totally reduced form, use of materials and, most obviously, the windows. It’s clearly not an old building.

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    Its the traditional in form and modern in filling.The elegant simplicity of it-thats what makes it neither traditional nor modern-its simply a god house to live.

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    compared to traditional swedish skicottages this one is very reduced…even new buildings in the mountain areas are usually built in a very old “folklore” style. So this is a refreshing take that still has a local feel to it.

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    every thing is fine and good but the bedroom with sloped room gives the effect of tent in medical camp …

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    I really love this project. The only thing I don’t get is why the entrance hall leads almost directly into the small bedroom, and not the living room. Why not mirror in the living room/kitchen , and have the entrance open into the living area?

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