Exhibition for the 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition

Heise Architecture is proud to announce the opening of the the Exhibition for the 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition. This inaugural competition has received international attention and asked entrants to address the questions, “What is missing from ?” and “What does need for the future?”

Project: “Waterground” by Le Collectif MAP

The exhibition is hosted at the Coffee Supplier, shop 9, 77 Elizabeth St Brisbane, from the 26th of February until the 25th of March and is accessible weekdays while the cafe is open. To find out more about the competition, see the entries, interviews and take in the discussion please visit http://competition.heise.com.au

A selection of images from the proposals have been included for for our readers.

Project: “Brisbane Northbank Master plan ” by Sharlene Anderson
Project: “River Restaurant” by Miroslav Nad

The premise of the 2011 Brisbane Ideas Competition can be clearly expressed in the two following questions;

“What is missing from Brisbane?” & “What does Brisbane need for the future?”

By proposing these intentionally broad and ambiguous questions we hope to encourage debate and discussion across a wide fields about the future of our city. As a practice of ethical professionals who understand and appreciate our responsibility to the future generations who occupy our city, we hope the inaugural Brisbane Ideas competition will facilitate debate, discussion and discovery.

Project: “The city of Yarrabilba” by Cloud Dwellers

It is the hope that the broad entry requirements will solicit entries across a wide range of disciplines, from Architecture, Art, Science, Urban Design, Engineering among others. While we expect a wide range of entries, please ensure they are all graphically represented and meet the submission requirements. We would encourage entries from the large urban scale thru to the bespoke artifact.


The final outcome of the competition will be a series of exhibitions throughout the city, opening with a one month exhibition of the grand prize winner and the honourable mentions. Held in a public venue in the heart of the central business district, adjacent to the government precinct of the city, . It is through this wide and continued exposure that the the competition will encourage discussion and debate about the proposals and the future of our city. Finally this is expected to be a fun competition.

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  • John

    More to the point…what does Brisbane not need!

  • La’Shondah

    Bit disappointed with the competition’s entries. Although I am not an urban planner, i felt that none of these really touched on Brisbane’s most crucial issues, such as food, water, urban consolidation, green spacing, waste and transportation, which will cripple the city in years to come. However, i did like “The city of Yarrabilba” by Cloud Dwellers. Would have been nice to see a few more pictures, but great idea!

  • Letitia

    These aren’t all the entries. Many more haven’t been appreciated by the jury nor published for the public to see.