House with a Capsule / KWK PROMES

Architects: KWK PROMES
Location: Poland
Project Architect: Robert Konieczny
Structural Engineer: Marian Goczoł
Design Year: 2001
Construction Year: 2002-2004
Site Area: 972 sqm
Constructed Area: 102 sqm

The building is situated in an industrial area of Poland. It’s been designed for an indigent family, which appreciates its functionality, as well as low maintenance and construction cost.

The plan of this bungalow is based on a square, where internal and external spaces are combined. The capsule containing all technological elements – bathroom, kitchen, pantry and an alternative source of heating in the form of a fireplace, is situated in the central part of the house. By each entrance there is a net used as storage. It acts like a screen changing its appearance depending on amount of inside.

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  • Contemporary Art

    Those nets are amazing! What a great idea. I often wonder about the application of “high-end” design smarts to inexpensive materials and construction procedures, and it seems like you can produce a top-quality product. This house would be fantastic for anyone to live in.

  • Rokas

    KWK as always are good in doing”simple-complex”things:)

  • Jeison

    Sorry, but I find the house just poor.

  • Carlo

    agree, it is a postmodern mess! i don’ t understand the purely decorative bricolage thing made of wood logs. The (perhaps interesting) translucent effect that this randomly composed wall could have produced, is destroyed because of the wall behind. The living room cannot profit from a resulting light and shadow play.

  • Rokas

    gmmm,yeah in the front the log wall isnt working properly…glas wall would be much more nice in this place.It would help to clear the composition too.. Something like the play of modern-decorated house too,but..for Poland-not bad

  • Rocket Valentino

    I would expect to get served a hot-dog from that rounded window in the wooden capsule and wonder how often the logs will have to be changed due to rot. Also find it sort of sad the parking area is almost as large as the entire house.

  • Franco

    The logs aren’t really helping the composition, as it seems to be a mess, not something planned to be. But, besides it, it’s a nice house for a couple.

  • krzh

    well, I agree with the hot dog serving part. all in all, nice pictures, poor building

  • Jeison

    ‘to get served a hot dog’, Ahahaha, loved that!!

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  • gonzales

    when these people will escape from their will be difficult to sell it out to anyone (especially in PL).
    building not architecture…

  • Rokas

    doest think so.Here,in my country we have a similar situation-but when one sels something like that,usally(not talking abaout now,the moment of crisis doesnt counts)the house is sold-and not for bad money.

  • pezik84

    “but 4 poland not bad?”
    what is it about?

  • Smarta

    The wood logs are not just purely decorative. They are collected to be used in a fireplace, which is the alternative source of heating for the house.
    The also provide shadow.

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