PUMA City, Shipping Container Store / LOT-EK

© Danny Bright
© Danny Bright

Our green friends over Inhabitat just tipped us on a  new project by NYC/Napoli based office LOT-EK, a practice that has been doing an interesting job by reusing containers.

24 containers are put together to create a 3 storey store with over 11,000 sqf, including a bar/lounge area and 2 decks.

The store is currently at the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009, and it´s transported to each location (Alicante, Boston, Stockholm) and assembled quickly.

More pictures details after the jump.

© Danny Bright
© Danny Bright
© Danny Bright
© Danny Bright
© Danny Bright
© Danny Bright
© Danny Bright
Cite: Basulto, David. "PUMA City, Shipping Container Store / LOT-EK" 20 Dec 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=10620>
  • fino

    Out of all the containertecture examples I have seen, this one tops the cake. Very appropriate idea for the merchandise, as well as an exellent marketing strategy in terms of mobility.

  • http://www.contemporaryartdaily.com Contemporary Art

    I agree! This looks really great. The windows and patio really take this out of the world of standard shipping container architecture. Awesome.


  • http://sinkingcities.com Sinking Cities

    I put this building up on my blog yesterday. It’s a beautiful structure. I cannot get enough of that cantilever!

  • http://www.designtavern.com Henry

    Done amazingly well – I’ve seen some great shipping container conversions but this definitely sets the standard The cantilever is unreal –
    But also like the staggered look of the logo – like the container really has been ripped apart and simply placed back together.
    The industrial raw feel is great! (and nice find archdaily!)

  • hedgy

    thanx for the conteporary site ;) and about the structure here .. ive seen other exaples of buildings made by containers but all of all this one acctually fits in the site (based on the pics here) 10/10

  • CR

    Do you have some plans !?

  • kolohe

    i have to say also, that this is actually a pretty nice project.

  • http://sinkingcities.com Sinking Cities

    ^^ There is a plan here: http://tinyurl.com/89h8j3

  • CR

    THANKS !

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  • dennis

    I love this project…but then again, I am bias because I have a huge love for Puma shoes and already own too many pairs and still eying more.

    But with that put aside, I have to say I am really impressed with the use of shipping containers, this project and the Freitag building really push the bar (which you really should post that shipping container building…plus I really want to see the plans on that one…and this one.)

    Anyway, thank you for keeping this site on its toes and posting so much architecture we would probably miss in the flood of information online.

  • http://www.chickmagnetstuff.com/ chickmagnetstuff

    Nice design very unique and resourceful I was actually planning to do the same thing with my new offices, I’m planning to use containers well this is a nice screen shot of my future offices thanks for the post.

  • Alain

    the two project ”Lowtech” and ”r&sie” seems very opposite.
    In appearence, for the both, just Stacking of elements, but ……the first is post-industrial and the other seems post-human, the first is using components in their integrity with a kind of modernism religiosity (with a perfection of know how) but with a kind of conventionnal articulation, the second hide the components through a body without organs, without structuralism dependencies, producing confusion between parts and the whole entity.
    The first is brandy, minimal and easy readable, consummable for mister NIKE-Prada as ”the easy listening”, the second is repuslsive, vomitable agressive, spiky and vaginal.

    One is unfolding intelligence as a spectacle, the other is an anomaly, a toxic dynausaure, as a fragment of the unknow …

    But the main question is which one is the ”mas macho” one Laurie Anderson) ? and Where is the wrong darwinism branchees, the bad mutant or the ideal elegancy.

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  • chirag

    good lego work

  • Pau

    Gran solucion, con elementos reciclados dando una imagen de vanguardia aplicando toques de Arquitectura moderna. Good work!!!!

  • http://www.redbubble.com/people/ornamentandcrime critical cow

    I love this like I love lego.

  • aghy

    interesting idea! :)

  • http://gwarchitects.co.za Jason

    I think this a awesome idea, rock on Puma.

  • http://renqijian.cn Jet


  • slick

    check this out…
    container-tower by freitag-bags a couple of years earlier.


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  • Neo

    che sthhhorie !!!

  • Nya

    It is an interesting idea to recycle but it feels 2 dimensional perhaps it should not have been painted over leaving only “Puma” written on it.

  • Max

    Holy Crap! A Lot-Ek Project that actually got built! Usually they just pretend to be an architectural firm. Lot-Ek likes to promote shipping container projects as inexpensive and ecological, but in order to actually get it built, they needed the warbucks of an international garment company. And in order to make it interesting and cool enough for their own egos, they had to waste the structural power of containers on a design that needed great piles of re-enforcement on that cantilever. Oh, and no insulation? I wonder how much the air-conditioning bill is.

    Lot-Ek and Puma are a perfect match actually, because Lot-Ek doesn’t do architecture. They do fashion, just like puma.

  • http://aan.dudut.com aankun

    absolutely fantastic design…

  • Deborah

    I came to this site and found this article and decided to use it for an assignment in my Visual & Create Art Program. One of the things I am supposed to include is an idea of the cost. How can I find out more about that detail in a timely fashion?

    This course is my introduction to the study of art/design of any type; and I am starting rather late in life as a form of distraction for grief.

    I really appreciate being able to read these comments.

  • bosco

    Wonderful….That’s very nice design ,I like it!!!!

  • http://www.id-stott.com stotty

    I saw this on your site when it was posted, and while driving around south Boston yesterday, I came across the shipping containers of the puma store all disassembled and ready to be built.
    Took some photos and added them to my flickr:


    I can’t wait!