Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center / BURO II + CITIC

Architects: BURO II & Design Institute of CITIC
Location: Guangzhou, China
Structural Design : Laurent Ney & Partners (Belgium)
Landscape Design: Stefaan Thiers en Denis Dujardin (Belgium)
Facade Engineering: Van Santen & Ass. (France)
Interior Design: Lens°Ass (Belgium)
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Philippe van Gelooven

This project recently won the civic category at the World Architecture Festival

The local authority of Guangzhou decided to develop a congress centre at the edge of the historical landscape of the Baiyun Mountains. The new congress centre will function as generator for the further urban development of the city of Guangzhou.

The congress centre is integrated in a system of physical and visually open connections between the city and the mountains. The primary principle is the merging of landscape and building. The ‘fingers of nature’ penetrate the site; the mountains are brought into the city.

exploted diagram

The concept is an open modular system of flexible spaces. Functions are grouped through the horizontal and vertical modulation. The horizontal modules house general services, foyers, catering exhibition space, VIP areas, offices… The vertical modules are meant for specific facilities, including a congress hall for 2500 people.

Cite: "Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center / BURO II + CITIC" 26 Dec 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • Contemporary Art

    I love the strange window arrangement! These are truly monolithic.

  • scarpasez

    It looks a little bit like an armada of Jawa sand crawlers from Star Wars. In a good way. This is pretty monumental stuff. The only thing that disappoints me are the conventional marble-clad columns…a bit of a letdown, but only because the rest of it is so strong. GREAT project documentation, too. Love the drawings and diagrams!

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  • sgurin

    It is pleasant to me.

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  • xing

    this project is very hard to follow and understand. These huge masses stands there like a landmark, and that is all I get from it. however, these masses are not interesting, sort of 1990s architecture style, by the way, what is new? what is the essence of this project? Maybe, the essence is out of the masses, could be the exterior corridors? so pity, I could not find any inspiration from its landscape design. The diagram of ecological section is totally superfical and wrong. why it is ecological? how energy is saved? what is the treatment/technology applied on it? in conclusion, there is nothing new, maybe just another formulism architecture.

  • jay

    I can’t tell if some of those pics are renders or photos.. the people look awkwardly misplaced in some of them.

    maybe i’m going crazy

  • G.D.

    Some of the details make strong impression. But the architectural language is very much imperial: photo with too girls between those huge masses shows what I meen. Human scale is lost in this project.

    • jinglee

      i totally agree with

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  • dali yang

    don’t like it.No human.