Solrosen Kindergarten / Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter

© Jonas Aarre Sommarset

Architects: Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter
Location: Kong Rings gate 17, 3510 Hønefoss,
Project area: 1,300 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Jonas Aarre Sommarset

© Jonas Aarre Sommarset

Solrosen is a hub-based day care where facilities suited for learning are highly valued and the idea of day care as a retention facility abandoned long ago. The different bases are independent zones each with specific content. The sum represents diversity where the child is challenged in different ways throughout the day.

© Jonas Aarre Sommarset

Ambition of the design was inviting building, making kindergarten a place that welcomes you whether you are a child, a parent or an employee. Entering kindergarten from Kong Rings street you are led to the central circular room– the core of the building. The kindergarten’s somewhat unconventional floor plan is designed to resemble the petals of a marigold, with the different stations (bases) spread in a fan from the core towards outdoor programs. The activities in the bases base are reflected in the design of outdoor space linked to it. The large windows provide for day light inside and create cohesion between outside and inside. The building has mostly only one floor – the “petal” on the north side has two floors – and it appears low, intimate and inviting; a building on children’s own terms.

© Jonas Aarre Sommarset

The architecture of Solrosen kindergarten points towards the future architecture of day care. The architectural concept has give an interesting layout and interface between inside and outside. It invites to diverse play – from quiet and sensuous activities to the more physically challenging. The building is a workshop where every day is a new chapter in the curious mind of a child.

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      typology matches eastern state penitentiary, but the typology is only labeled “prison” because it was first built for that program. You can switch a program [of a space], affectively deconstruct the symbolic meaning, and interperet space intuitively. sometimes this leads to an enlightened use of the type.

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