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Bangkok-based architect Nontawat Jittrong (LMTS Design), shared with us his proposal for the competition A Room for , for the 2012 Olympics. More images and architect’s description after the break.

Courtesy of LMTS Design

• A room for London is proposed to be a small living space on the roof of Queen Elizabeth Hall. It will be the interesting point which has the magnificent view connecting to the context of London, like London Eye and Water Loo Bridge.

• Diagram: Although it sits on the Roof top, it is lifted up to the higher level above the roof to get the higher view and at the same time leave the space under the room available for connecting to the M&E and services from the existing service area.

• Areas are set into 3 zone. 1st zone is living room. This space is semi private and also semi outdoor to the front of the building. 2nd Zone is Bedroom area. A private area where space is still connected to the living room by the stair. 3rd zone is Tower or Lighthouse where the guest can experience the extra high level of the Room and even wave their hands to the London eye.

Courtesy of LMTS Design

Structural Concept

• According to the constraint of this project of not to attach the structure to the roof, the truss on the roof slab is designed to be mat foundation. The column and beam truss act like a superstructure. Frame truss or balloon frame is used and tension structure like sling can also be added.

• Convertible Skin& Light wall: The wall is set to be 2 layers. The first layer is polycarbonate for its lightweight and translucent to grab the natural light. Second layer is the Fabric membrane. It can be pull out to cover the first layers and pull in to show the polycarbonate wall to get more the sun light. It is like energy screen, filtering the light in hot summer and insulating the comfortable temperature in the room.

Courtesy of LMTS Design

• Translucent & Lightweight: The 2 Layer walls not only bring natural lighting to the interior, they also give light and translucent look to the exterior which can be mixed to the existing atmosphere. So it would not be the visual pollution for the conservation area.

• Interior Mood: Natural Light would be the Major theme to show mood & tone during the day and night time of each season.

• The Cat that just wake up on the Roof. The roof where no one ever visits or interested in. Then the thing emerges. The owner of the roof maybe just shows up. So it may sound funny comparing the room to the sleeping cat that lives on the roof for a long time and just wake up and appear. Hopefully Londoner will take it to the city and visit over there all the period of 2012 festival or all the time.

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