Jorge Gudes’s House / 100 Planos Arquitectura


Architect: 100 Planos Arquitectura
Location: Vila Pouca de Aguiar,
Client: Dr Jorge Guedes
Engineering: ASL&Associados
Project year: 2004 – 2010
Photographs: 100 Planos Arquitectura

© 100 Planos Arquitectura

This project was commissioned in 2004 by a young couple who had purchased a piece of land and there planned to build their home. As initial conditions we just had the obligation of designing a single floor house for the lowest cost possible. One thing was obvious the site had a breathtaking view and this turned out to be the core of the whole project.

In the first sketches it became evident that the house should be a kind of leap into the void, a volume that project itself in to the landscape.

situation plan

Located on top of a valley, Jorge Guedes’s house, appears as a large picture window that covers the landscape. The building rises from the principles of volumetric aggregation patent in vernacular architecture of the region.

The house is an organic whole, composed by three bodies, which extends through the floor, searching each one of the volumes for the best orientation, solar and landscape, closing in itself, the different valences of the house.

© 100 Planos Arquitectura

A “Y”, where the intersection of the arms is both the entry and the point of distribution, separating the public spaces from the private areas.

The wealth of interior space is not given by architectural complexity but by the different relationships that are created between the interior and landscape.

© 100 Planos Arquitectura

The spaces that are not facing the valley, bathroom, laundry and kitchen were provided with a small orange courtyard that allows them to benefit from direct sunlight without creating imbalances in the elevations.

100 Planos Arquitectura oversaw the project implementation with responsibility for project design, construction management, choice of materials and adherence to highest environmental standards. Total building cost came just under 100,000.

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  • Karen

    So Modern nice to look at but living in this I’ll pass. Not cozy, warm or welcoming. I like to have a place I can envision people living in. Like this sustainable design architects

  • Lucas

    Everything about this project looks amateurish. The architecture, the details (or lack of), the drawings, the photographs… just horrible. Oh, and looking at that model makes makes me wanna vomit. C’mon ArchDaily you’re better than this!

  • pinothorn

    Lucas, are you a fashion victim? lol, make me laught people like you without any criterial. Are you looking new things or beauty things that works?

    • Lucas

      What? “fashion”? “criterial”? “looking new things or beauty things that works”? What the hell are you talking about? My problem with this kind of stuff is that there’s absolutely nothing interesting about it. It could have been designed by an undergrad student and the drawings and photographs show just that. How difficult is it to get a decent camera? The amount of noise in these photos is just insane! I could do better with a $100 camera. Look at the bathroom. WTF is that? Shouldn’t an architect do better than that? In one word: amateurish. It’s sad to say but I guess ArchDaily publishes everything it gets these days.

  • Maxwell

    That’s is pinothorn.
    It´s simple, cheap, but not boring…
    I like it.
    Nice work!

  • Als

    This house is pretty nice. Amateurs like Lucas should not critizise it.
    I like the model too.

  • up_today_arch

    I agree with Maxwell… Last two years we living in very cheap times… This house is good example of good architectural quality for regular houses…

  • Holcim Awards US

    It is a nice, simple and elegant design. It would be great to hear how they addressed energy consumption and other sustainable design features.

    Check out the Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction:

  • Lauri

    It’s nice, interesting house for such a cheap cost.

    Lucas seems not to be able to separate quality of architecture and photographs..